Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon, Skinless


Our Atlantic Salmon is premium quality fish with a delicious, rich and robust flavor. They have a medium firm flesh and is very succulent. Atlantic salmon is a great source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids and is widely known for the many health benefits. You can now buy wild caught Atlantic Salmon from Dickey’s At Home and have them delivered home! Enjoy home cooked, healthy food every day of the week!


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The Atlantic Salmon is a great fish to be grilled, smoked. Other popular ways to cook this variety of salmon includes oven baking and pan searing. Just put together an easy dinner or throw in some greens to make a salmon salad. Meal prep is always a breeze with Atlantic salmon!


• Wild caught
• Fresh caught
• Skinless
• Non-GMO
• Blast frozen in its raw form to ensure the freshness of the meat
• Shipped frozen, as portion-controlled cuts in vacuum-sealed packaging.
• Upon receiving your product, place in freezer immediately. Thaw 24hrs prior to cooking
• Item is delivered raw

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Cooking instruction

After thawing, remove from the vacuum seal. Cooking times and temperatures may vary on salmon portion size and method of cooking.
Cook until reaching an internal temperature of 145° F or until flesh is opaque and separates easily with a fork.

Additional information

Additional information

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