All-Natural Chicken Breasts, Boneless


Our chicken breasts are hand trimmed, juicy, tender, and protein packed cuts of meat. They make delicious weeknight dinners. Perfect for a quick and healthy meal – and a favorite go-to for all types of recipes!
If you are looking for the best place to buy chicken breasts, you’re in luck! All our chickens are humanely raised and free of preservatives, additives, and hormones. We make meat shopping an effortless process. Buy chicken breasts online from Dickey’s At Home and you’re just a click away from having the best, all-natural chicken breasts sent to your door in vacuum-sealed packaging.

2 1lb breasts

Product Details


• 100% natural chicken
• USDA inspected, Grade A
• No preservatives, additives, hormones added
• Raised in humane, stress free environment and is 3rd party humane certified
• Minimally processed to ensure quality and sustainability
• Hand cut and trimmed by master butcher

• Blast frozen in its raw form to ensure the freshness of the meat

• Shipped frozen, as portion-controlled cuts in vacuum-sealed packaging.


Nutrition facts



Cooking instruction

After thawing, remove from the vacuum seal. Cooking times and temperatures may vary on chicken portion size and method of cooking.
Using a meat thermometer, cook until the internal temperature reaches 165° F.

Additional information

Additional information

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