Grand Celebration Box


Are you making it a Grand Celebration? We can make sure you WOW your guest with a feast to remember. Appetizers of dip, wings and sausage to sleigh. Dinner made up of Pork Chops and Tenderloin, Chicken, Creamed Spinach, Scalloped Potatoes and our incredible Three cheese Mac & Cheese that will leave your entire table full or deliciousness. Toast your evening with a gift from us to you with our FREE bottle of Almond Sparkling Wine. Cheers to a Happy New Year! (feeds 8-10)

· 3lbs Buffalo Chicken Dip
· 1.25lbs Jumbo Wings
· 40oz Rack St. Louis Baby Back Ribs
· 16oz Pork Chop
· 16 oz Bone-In Chicken Thighs
· 12oz Regular Smoked Ring
· 12oz Jalapeno/ Cheddar Ring
· 10oz-12oz Pork Tenderloin
· 1lb Creamed Spinach
· 3lbs Scalloped Potatoes
· 3lbs Three cheese Mac & Cheese
· FREE Bottle of Almond Sparkling Wine
· FREE Shipping

Product Details


•Blast frozen in its raw form to ensure the freshness of the meat

•Shipped frozen, as portion-controlled cuts in vacuum-sealed packaging.

Additional information

Additional information