Prime Rib Roast, Boneless


A prime rib roast always takes the center stage on the dinner table, and rightfully so. Our boneless prime rib roast is beautifully marbled, packed with flavor and is extremely tender. If you are not sure what to put on your menu for the next large gathering or holiday dinner, Dickey’s At Home prime rib roast calls for special attention! Our prime rib roasts are cut from the best quality beef and are packed with intense beefy flavor. They are all hand selected and skillfully cut by master butchers.

5-7 lb


Product Details


You can now skip the crowd and shop the finest rib roasts for sale from your home. Buy our prime rib roast online now and host your next big dinner in style. We say, go big or go home!

• 100% natural Angus beef
• USDA inspected
• Prime and High choice grade. Only the top 8% of USDA Beef make it to our cuts of meat
• Aged over 21 days to maximize tenderness and flavor
• No added hormones, antibiotics or preservatives
• Pasture raised
• Humane harvest facility
• Sustainability initiatives
• Hand cut and trimmed by master butcher
• Whole 30, paleo, keto friendly
• Flash frozen for ultimate freshness
• Shipped frozen, with portion-controlled cuts in vacuum-sealed packaging
• Upon receiving your product, place in freezer immediately. Thaw 24hrs prior to cooking
• Item is delivered raw

Nutrition facts



Cooking instruction

After thawing, remove from the vacuum seal. Cooking times and temperatures may vary on beef portion size, method of cooking and desired doneness.
Using a meat thermometer, cook until the internal temperature reaches between 125° F – 160° F.

Rare: 125° F
Medium:145° F
Well Done: 160° F

Sous Vide info

Sous Vide Ingredients

Beef, Salt, and Pepper

Sous Vide Info

  • Pre-cooked with salt and pepper
  • Reheat and eat
  • Shipped frozen portion controlled cuts in vacuum sealed packaging
  • Upon receiving your product, refrigerate immediately
  • Thaw 24 hrs prior to cooking
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5-7 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 4.5 × 3.5 in

Prime Rib Roast, Prime Rib Roast Sous Vide

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