Half Chicken


Busy day at work? Need a quick dinner fix? No problem! Dickey’s At Home has you covered. Buy chicken online and get that instant pot out for a quick, healthy, and delicious instant pot chicken dinner.
Buying chicken hasn’t been easier. Escape the crowded grocery store and buy the best quality chicken online.

2-2.5 lbs


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Dickey’s At Home all-natural chicken is great for roasting grilling. But if you’re looking for more ideas you could slow cook the chicken in the crock pot, braise it, cook the chicken in the instant pot, or bake it in the over. You’ll never run out of recipes to try for chicken you buy.
Want to know an extra trick to make sure your chicken meal is extra juicy and flavorful? Brining chicken in salt helps it retain moisture by breaking down the protein while thoroughly seasoning the meat, making it extra flavorful.
Order your chicken online now to make some delicious and healthy home-cooked meals!

• 100% natural chicken
• USDA inspected, Grade A
• No preservatives, additives, hormones added
• Raised in humane, stress free environment and is 3rd party humane certified
• Minimally processed to ensure quality and sustainability
• Hand cut and trimmed by a master butcher
• Flash frozen for ultimate freshness
• Shipped frozen, with portion-controlled cuts in vacuum-sealed packaging
• Shipped frozen portion-controlled cuts in vacuum-sealed packaging
• Upon receiving your product, place in the freezer immediately. Thaw 24 hrs prior to cooking.
• Item is delivered raw

The Dickey’s Barbecue Pit factor:
When you buy your meats from Dickey’s At Home, you receive quality and master cut and trimmed meat from butchers with years of expertise. We know our meats well and take pride in now being able to serve our quality meats to your home, after successfully running the best family owned barbecue restaurant for over 80 years now.


Nutrition facts



Cooking instruction

After thawing, remove from the vacuum seal. Cooking times and temperatures may vary on chicken portion size and method of cooking.
Using a meat thermometer, cook until the internal temperature reaches 165° F.

Sous Vide info

Sous Vide Ingredients

Chicken, Salt and Pepper

Sous Vide Info

  • Pre-cooked with salt and pepper
  • Reheat and eat
  • Shipped frozen portion controlled cuts in vacuum sealed packaging
  • Upon receiving your product, refrigerate immediately. Thaw 24 hrs prior to cooking.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2-2.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 14 in

Split WOG (1/2 Chicken), Split WOG (1/2 Chicken) Sous Vide

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